In Pursuit Of...

Amplifier and The Getty are partnering to launch an open call

Our lesson teaches you how to make visual artworks documenting what YOU are in pursuit of in your life, right now. You’ll learn how to combine images and text to convey a message, ask a question, or demand a change. All you need is your cell phone camera and something to write with. Tell us,  are you in pursuit of justice?


It’s Time To Reset Capitalism.

The global health pandemic, economic crisis, and racial justice uprisings have revealed a deeper, more fundamental problem: An economic system that rewards maximizing wealth over wellbeing and prioritizing individualism over interdependence.

Today we have an opportunity to reimagine and redesign what comes next.

We the Future

art for the classroom and beyond

We the Future features young leaders from social change movements that are working to encourage people to vote, address climate change, rethink the immigration system, create opportunity in our education system, and address gun violence.

Power to the Polls


We are partnering with the Women’s March through a public call for art for POWER TO THE POLLS: A touring exhibit to inspire people from around the country to take to the polls for the 2018 Midterm Elections.

March For Our Lives

Free Art & Poster Distribution Locations

Going to March for Our Lives?  Download free art, or pick up a free poster at locations around the country. Distribution points are being set up in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Atlanta.


My Climate Hero

#MyClimateHero is an interactive comic art series and exhibition depicting heroes of the modern climate security and environmental justice movements.


A nonpartisan campaign dedicated to igniting a national dialogue about American identity and values through public art and story sharing.

On Inauguration Day, and since, these images have flooded America and the globe with new symbols of hope to combat the rising power of nationalism, bigotry, and intolerance. Amplifier is now teaming up with change movements, educators, and innovative thinkers to bring We The People into schools for the 2017-2018 school year.

Voting Rights

A nonpartisan campaign dedicated to igniting a national dialogue about American identity and values through public art and story sharing.

Amplifier has launched a new series of art highlighting the need to renew and strengthen this essential protection against discrimination in voter registration and access.

Women's March on Washington

A project made in collaboration with Women's March on Washington

In partnership with the Women’s March on Washington, we created an open call for art to arm those gathered with visual messaging to amplify the voice of this monumental grassroots movement.

Unbroken By Bars

A project made in collaboration with

This multidisciplinary art and storytelling project will illuminate the experiences and celebrate the resilience of three previously incarcerated single mothers of color and their relationships with their children. First-hand stories with these mothers will be recorded and then turned into poems that become integrated into portraits of the women holding their children. The portraits will be woven into landscapes from their children’s dreams…

The Truth Is Prisons Are...

A project made in collaboration with

A community storytelling project.  In Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth), Hank Willis Thomas and Cause Collective’s multi-year, interactive, mobile video recording booth invites members of the public to complete the statement “The truth is…”. In collaboration with Amplifier, Thomas has created a campaign to ask people around the country what THEIR truth is when looking at the impact of the US prison system on their lives.


A project built in collaboration with the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

#TattooedForPeltier is a campaign created by Amplifier and Native American artist Cheyenne Randall (@IndianGiver) to raise awareness for the Free Peltier Movement in partnership with the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.  James Franco and other celebrity allies will share images of themselves bearing the tattooed image of Leonard and/or the tattooed wording “FREE LEONARD PELTIER” on their body in their social media streams.  The images will also be wheat pasted in large format…

Honor The Treaties

An project made in collaboration with dozens of leaders from Treaty Rights organizations in Indian Country.

Honor the Treaties ran from 2010 to 2015 as an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of Indigenous communities through art and advocacy.  It funded collaborations between Native artists and Native advocacy groups so that their messages could reach a wider audience.  This project was the predecessor to Amplifier.

Close Rikers

A project built in collaboration with the Katal Center For Health, Equality, and Justice

Amplifier and Josh MacPhee are working with Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice to produce a one day workshop to brainstorm and imagine new art, graphics, and other cultural forms which can be produced to support a nascent campaign in New York City to close…