Free Downloads

Amplifier makes its artworks available for free download so you can print them and put them up in your home, place of work, school, and around your community!  We encourage you to share these works far and wide.

Please note that these downloads are available for non-commercial use only; the sale of these works is prohibited. If you would like to purchase merchandise made from our artworks, please visit our store!

Anything Is Possible by Mike Pinette
Rebirth by Shepard Fairey
National Hero Service by Holy Moly UK
Thank You by Holy Moly UK
HEAR OUR VOICE by Joanna Price
Wide Awakes Gif by Trippie Steff
A Post Colorblind America by Ann Lewis
The Revolution Evolves by Ann Lewis
Free the Children by Nisha K Sethi
Security is Freedom by Noa Denmon
Sacred Water by Ernesto Yerena
We are Unstoppable by Noa Denmon
Happily Ever After Covid-19 by Rebecca Hayter
Heroes Feeding America by Jorge Garza
Communities Rise Up by Rommy Torrico

How will you share the
voices of social change?