Honor The Treaties

CATEGORY: Indigenous Issues

Honor The Treaties was created in 2010 (as the result of a TED talk by Aaron Huey, and collaborations with Shepard Fairey and Ernesto Yerena) as an art experiment to educate the public about Native American Treaty Issues.

The mission was simple: to amplify the voices of Indigenous communities through the creation and distribution of Art, with messages and art from and by the people. And, as often as possible, to create collaborations with Native advocacy groups to push important issues to the forefront.   Three years after its founding, the website expanded to fund and share the work of primarily Native artists while still including many non-Native members and allies, and became a hub of information on North American Treaty Rights and Free downloadable art.

Eventually the work moved far beyond treaties into human rights and environmental and climate issues that affect us all.  In an effort to do more work that extends to all people, uniting us into one fight we became an official 501c3 now called Amplifier.

We will carry on the same work of amplifying the voices of Native AND non-Native communities through art and advocacy and will do that by funding collaborations between visual artists and grassroots advocacy groups so that their messages can reach wider audiences. In 2016/17 we will be supporting campaigns on the protection of sacred sites, sacred water, more Treaty work in the Black Hills, and the ‪#‎changthename‬ campaign. All previous Honor The Treaties funding has been reserved for these campaigns.

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