Global Open Call

In response to the worst pandemic in one hundred years — COVID-19 — Amplifier and our partners launched an emergency campaign with top art curators and public health advisors from around the world. This global open call asked artists to create symbols that promoted public safety and best practices, mental health, well-being, and that envisioned the better world we know is possible on the other side of this pandemic.

A curatorial team of internationally renowned leaders, artists, ambassadors, and changemakers, together with Amplifier’s online voting public, selected the winning open call works for cash prizes. The artists in our network quickly served as first responders, providing thousands of images and symbols to help lift the spirits people around the world. Each in their own way, our artists created unique media interventions to help people manage their health during quarantine while envisioning a healthier, more equitable future. In our world’s darkest hour, our artists shone a light of hope and possibility.

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Help get the world #Vaccinated

View more artwork from our follow up #Vaccinated Global Open Call

Click on any of the images below to see more artwork to promote Vaccine Safety from our follow up #Vaccinated Global Open Call for Art.

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