Fueling collaboration and conversation

It’s time to REFRAME the issues that have been used to divide us and start the conversations that can restore our faith in each other, renew our hope, and repair the social fabric of this country that has been torn apart. The REFRAME 2021 campaign will amplify the messages of 12 visionary leaders fueling collaboration and conversations between worlds that seldom pause to truly hear one another.

How will this conversation be different? Because we are talking about what we have in common!

Visionary Leaders

REFRAME features visionary leadership and messaging that can help renew our common missions and reaffirm our common values as we start again, and again (and again).

Click on the portraits to learn more about each leader and download the artwork.

The Artists

  • Shepard Fairey

  • Lmnopi

  • Noa Denmon

  • Ernesto Yerena

AR Activated Artwork

To deepen our conversations with new audiences, all 12 artworks can be activated through Amplifier’s Augmented Reality app, which transforms our 2-D works into art that literally comes to life through animation and storytelling. Hearing messages straight from community leaders in their own voices exposes the heart of the most important movements of our times, and reveals the deeper conversations that have always been just beneath the surface of our work.

Be an Amplifier for change!