Reset Capitalism

As the multiple – and devastating – crises of this time have revealed, the system is broken: While more than 300 million workers are currently unemployed, 26 individuals own more wealth than half of humanity. There is widespread inequality, insecurity, and climate instability. Many of us are asking ourselves, is this the future we want?

50 years after Milton Friedman set capitalism to maximize shareholder profit, Amplifier launched a new artwork series in collaboration with Imperative21 – a business-led network representing 70,000 businesses, 20 million employees, $6.6 trillion in revenue, and $15 trillion in managed assets –  as part of a global campaign to RESET capitalism to maximize shared well-being on a healthy planet.

The RESET campaign is about designing for interdependence, investing in justice, and creating more sustainable systems that prioritize people over wealth. Our 14-piece artwork series in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French pictures what it looks like to RESET for workers, RESET for children, RESET for justice, RESET for climate, RESET for inclusion, RESET for racial equity, and RESET for gender equity. RESET to put purpose into practice. RESET for the long term.

Large-scale projections of this work were done in New York City, São Paulo, and London, and Amplifier’s Aaron Huey spoke about the campaign on Soul Pancake’s ‘Hey, Human’ series with Rainn Wilson.We need YOU to help us reset by downloading the artwork and sharing it with your colleagues, friends and family to further the conversation around resetting capitalism in the 21st century, using the hashtags #Imperative21 and #LetsReset!

This year, we have an opportunity to reimagine and redesign what comes next. This is the imperative of our time – let’s get to work!  Visit for more details.

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