Ride To The Polls

Vote Your Way

Vote Your Way
It’s time to reclaim what’s ours – our land, our voice, our futures, our streets – and so much more by voting. There’s only one way to ensure our government works for us – we have to participate and elect leaders who represent our values.

Reclaim your power. Register to vote or check your registration today:

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About Harness: Founded by America Ferrera, Wilmer Valderrama, and Ryan Piers Williams following the 2016 presidential election, Harness educates, inspires, and activates an interdependent community of Cultural Organizers to use the power of storytelling to imagine and create a more equitable world. Our programs and campaigns have catalyzed wide-scale support, prominent media coverage, inclusion in pop culture storylines, and transformative partnerships for leaders from historically disinvested communities. www.iwillharness.com • @iwillharness

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