How We Build

Amplifier is a nonprofit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times.

At Amplifier, the work we do building these symbols matters – but not as much as the work you do carrying them into the world. This art is a partnership with every living soul that encounters it. The way YOU hold it, and where you hang it determines what kind of tool it is. You are what makes this art powerful.

You are the amplifier.

See how you can be
an amplifier for change!


Download and Print

Don’t Leave Anyone Behind by Nina Yagul
Invest in Community by Nina Yagul
We Keep Us Safe by Nina Yagul
Kinship Through Mutual Aid by Jared Yazzie
Community Healing Begins With Self Care by Jared Yazzie
All We Have Is Each Other by Jared Yazzie
WE THE PEOPLE – “Greater Than Fear” by Shepard Fairey
No More Silence by Nisha K Sethi
WE THE PEOPLE – “Defend Dignity” by Shepard Fairey
Support Each Other 1 by Emily Perelman
REBIRTH – Valarie Kaur by Shepard Fairey
JUSTICE FIRST by Celeste Byers
WE THE PEOPLE – “Protect Each Other” by Shepard Fairey
We Are American by Celeste Byers
Inspire by Mike Pinette


Our online store features printed artwork such as limited edition posters, apparel, stickers, postcards & more! Every dollar we raise goes directly to distributing the work to places we believe need this art the most — in the streets, classrooms across the country, and to community organizers working at the frontlines of change.


Reframe Poster Pack featuring 12 visionary leaders reframing the issues used to divide us.

Donate for Art

We are an art machine for social change. All art sales help us to fund new art campaigns.

We The People

All 3 We The People artworks by Shepard Fairey created as icons of hope!