For over a decade, Cleo has been a pivotal force in the global art and social justice spheres, collaborating with esteemed artists, city councils, movement leaders, global brands, and foundations to build iconic public art campaigns. Her work focuses on harnessing the power of storytelling, community empowerment, and human rights through building arts and culture movements. Cleo has been instrumental in launching innovative media experiments that resonate worldwide at Amplifier. Among these, the iconic We The People campaign and the transformative education initiative, We The Future, stand out, distributing millions of compelling artworks across the United States in partnership with hundreds of renowned artists and social movements.

Under Cleo’s visionary leadership, Amplifier has transformed from its origins in public art initiatives into a globally acclaimed design lab. It is celebrated for its profound impact, achieved through groundbreaking storytelling and the widespread mobilization of communities. Cleo skillfully manages the organization’s multifaceted operations, encompassing campaign and program development, community weaving, and strategic planning.

Cleo’s academic achievements include an M.A. in Art and Public Policy from New York University and a double B.A. in Political Science and International Business from the University of Auckland, grounding her innovative work in solid theoretical and historical context of systems change.