For the past decade, Cleo has worked internationally with renowned artists, city councils, movement leaders, global brands, and foundations to build campaigns and public space interventions that explore the relationship between storytelling, community empowerment and human rights. As the Co-Creative Director of Amplifier, Cleo spearheads groundbreaking media experiments for the organization, including the iconic We The People campaign and education initiative We The Future. The result has been millions of iconic artworks distributed across the United States in collaboration with hundreds of renowned artists and social movements.

Cleo has stewarded Amplifier from a start-up to a globally recognized art and social justice organization. She oversees all aspects of the organization’s life, from building and running campaigns and programs to artist management to finance and administration and strategic planning. Cleo holds an M.A. in Art and Public Policy from New York University, and a double B.A. in Political Science and International Business from the University of Auckland. When she is not busy at work, you can find Cleo exploring the world with her analog camera, making short films and nurturing her community of creative troublemakers.