#MyClimateHero Series 

There are a lot of misconceptions about what climate leadership looks like, or who fits the mold of an environmentalist. #MyClimateHero is an interactive comic art series depicting heroes of the modern climate security and environmental justice movements. We teamed up with leaders to tell their story of what it means to be a hero, the efforts they have underway to protect and preserve the environment, and opportunities for individuals and communities to take action.

Angel Hsu

Measuring what matters. Making the invisible visible. Quantifying the unquantifiable. I am a professor, researcher, writer, and speaker whose goal is to leverage data science to develop policy solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems, like climate change. I’m interested in the push and pull between data science and public policy, and in my work, I apply quantitative, data-driven methods to environmental policy questions. These approaches include applying remote sensing and geospatial data to shed light on how cities are achieving environment and social equity goals to utilizing big data analytic techniques to understand how cities, states, companies, and civil society groups are contributing to global climate change mitigation efforts.