On the 4th of July, as we proclaimed our independence and the nation waved its flag in pride and patriotism, there are many that felt left out of the narrative, and for whom this is not a moment of celebration.  There are many who do not feel free in the home of the brave, a home that is theirs too. Inspired by new visions of “Old Glory” like Nacho Becera’s Serape Flag, Gregg Deal’s “Indigenous Flags,” and Nadeem Haidary’s information-driven flags, we launched an open call to redesign the stars and stripes. We asked artists how would they imagine the American flag in a way that’s inclusive of their community, represents their story, and their ideals. These flags could be just for their community, or one that truly encompasses us all.

From Tyana Soto: “The United States of America is a country that constantly brags that it is the greatest in the world. Ever since its inception it has led us to believe that it runs on principles of justice, liberty and freedom. But if you look closer those values mask privilege, exploitation and inequality. Its time that we reveal every side of America and remember that until we acknowledge our underlying issues we cannot acknowledge what we claim to stand for.”