Amplifier AR

REVITALIZE – Larry Ginter by Noa Denmon
REORGANIZE – MariaElena Fournier by Noa Denmon
REENVISION – Ai-jen Poo by Shepard Fairey
REJOICE – adrienne maree brown by Lmnopi
REIMAGINE – Patrisse Cullors by Noa Denmon
REIGNITE – Warren Tidwell by Lmnopi
REDESIGN – Renee DiResta by Lmnopi
RECONNECT – Common by Shepard Fairey
REMEMBER – Allie Young by Ernesto Yerena
REDEFINE – Lizbeth Mateo by Ernesto Yerena
RECOMMIT – Sister Simone Campbell by Lmnopi
REBIRTH – Valarie Kaur by Shepard Fairey
Cannabis Justice Now 3 by Thomas Wimberly
Cannabis Justice Now 2 by Thomas Wimberly
Cannabis Justice Now 1 by Thomas Wimberly
Pay Me In Justice by Bee Harris
Time To Go Higher by Bee Harris
Every Day Is Indigenous Peoples’ Day by Mer Young
Wide Awake – AR by no artist assigned
Wide Awakes – AR by Tian Widjaya
Wide Awakes – AR by Giri Dwinanto
Vote In Solidarity by Mer Young
Together We Are Power by Mer Young
We The Future – “Xiuhtezcatl Martinez” by Shepard Fairey
Wide Awakes Gif by Trippie Steff