Your tax-deductible donation supports impactful proliferation of public art all over our nation, including massive art installations in critical locations, alternative distribution methods, and grassroots public art campaigns—all efforts to amplify those voices that need to be heard.

We encourage you to support Amplifier in whatever way feels most comfortable to you.

$50 prints and ships educator art packs to 3 public schools.
$100 provides art supplies for an Amplifier art build.
$250 subsidizes the printing and shipping of educator art packs for public schools.
$500 circulates 4,000 pieces of art in the form of stickers to community events and rallies.
$1,000 supports the dissemination of education curriculum and classroom lesson plans to K-12 educators.
$1,500 funds one wheat-pasted mural on a prominent outdoor wall.
$2,500 distributes 2,500 pieces of free artwork to movements and marches around the U.S.
$10,000 produces one large-scale public art mural by an Amplifier artist.
$25,000 pays for ad takeovers in 6-12 rural communities simultaneously.
$50,000 covers the shipping cost for 30,000 education art packages to display in classrooms across the U.S.A.
$100,000+ funds a national campaign with original art including ad buys in rural and urban America.

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Matching Gifts

Your generosity could be doubled or even tripled if your employer offers a Matching Gift Program. Here’s how to make your gift go further:

  1. Contact your Human Resources or Community Relations Office to see if your company participates in a matching gift program, and to determine the eligibility guidelines.
  2. Complete the Matching Gift Form from your company.