In honor of Earth Day 2018, Amplifier has released a new series of artworks designed through collaborations between comic artists and environmental leaders. There are a lot of misconceptions about what climate leadership looks like, or who fits the mold of an environmentalist. #MyClimateHero tells the story of modern climate leaders building unprecedented cooperation, driving action and creating space for those most impacted to share their knowledge and perspectives.

Click on the superheroes below to download free high-resolution artworks of each icon and learn how you can get involved in their work.

Scroll down to see the Student Gallery of artwork submitted through the #MyClimateHero lesson plan, now available for free to educators to use in their classrooms.

The Heroes

Rev. Lennox Yearwood
Rev. Lennox YearwoodBy Pia Guerra
21By Gan Golan
Angel Hsu
Angel HsuBy Pia Guerra
Paul Nicklen
Paul NicklenBy Jeremy Packer
Patricia Espinosa
Patricia EspinosaBy Pia Guerra
Rogue Scientists
Rogue ScientistsBy Valentine DeLandro
Supreme Pontiff
Supreme PontiffBy Marty Two Bulls
Anthony Karefa Rogers Wright
Anthony Karefa Rogers WrightBy Jeremy Packer
Jane Kleeb
Jane KleebBy Dan Goldman
James Balog
James BalogBy Mark5
Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Neil DeGrasse TysonBy Gan Golan
Adrianna I Quintero
Adrianna I QuinteroBy Dan Goldman
Nathaniel Stinnett
Nathaniel Stinnett Valentine DeLandro

Student Gallery

In January 2018, Amplifier teamed up with 50 classrooms around the United States to pilot a lesson plan and comic art build to help students explore modern environmental leadership. This program gave students the opportunity to gain knowledge of leaders working to protect our natural environment, showcase their artistic creativity, and to explore the role of art in social change.The #MyClimateHero Educator Toolkit is now available for free to any educator wanting to bring this conversation and activity into their classroom or program.